Fish farming

Fish Farming Business

Today fish farming becomes very popular on the industrial scale. Fish is being grown in certain conditions and then being…

Fish farming trout

trout farming

Trout farming requires favorable environmental condition. Trout husbandry is not simple and requires more valuable animal feed that can lead…

How To

Fish breeding… Nothing impossible!

Some people are guessing how hard to breed fishes. It depends on many factors, but it’s really possible for one…

How to breed betta fish

How to breed betta fish

Betta splendens — fish species of the family macropodum. Is a representative of labyrinth fish that use to breath atmospheric…

How to breed saltwater fish

How to breed saltwater fish

Saltwater fish are those that live in salt water of ocean as well as salt lakes. There are more than…

Fish culture

Tetra Fish Breeding

Tetras, or Characins, is a popular group of fresh water fish to keep them in home aquariums. They originate from…

Tropical Aquarium Fishes

aquarium fish photo

Water aquariums are a great addition to any interior, being vivid in colours and helping us relax and have fun. Fish…

Fish reproduction

Aquarium and tropical fish reproduction

torpical fish

Fish farming may become a business, which could provide you with a sustainable income. However, you need to have the basic…

World Fish Husbandry

The main purpose of fish husbandry is a reliable provision with a wide assortment of fresh and processed fish products at the prices, which are acceptable for the population belonging to different income brackets.

The issues that affect the effective development of fish farming can be classified according to the features of external and internal factors, which are certainly urgent.

The external factors depend on the level of favorable policy of state in economy, taxation, and investments by reference to specific features of the industry.

The internal factors directly depend on economic operations of enterprises, use of knowledge, and optimal utilization of available resources of labor, water and equipment.

Fish husbandry is available for everyone