Fish breeding… Nothing impossible!

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Some people are guessing how hard to breed fishes. It depends on many factors, but it’s really possible for one man. Fish breeding could be not just a hobby, but a sustainable source of income. So, if you would like to know general information about this and how to mate fish, well, read the article!

Actually, a technology of breeding is different for a concrete species. Therefore, before you will start, make sure what kind or kinds of fishes do you want to breed. Every species has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, some fishes are really expensive, but their breeding is not an easy process. If you know a huge number of facts about a concrete species, you should probably choose exactly this one for breeding. In such case a chance to succeed is much bigger!

Different types of breedingfish photo

There are two types of fishes: live-bearing and egg-laying. Every type has its own features. The processes could be really different in an aspect of time. Egg-laying fishes breeds really slower, than live-bearing ones. Sometimes new egg-laying fishes could come in this world only in ten weeks after fertilization. So, if you don’t want to wait, live-bearing species are better choice.

Well, how fish mate in tanks? Live-bearing ones are easier to breed. There are a few reasons for it:

  • a male’s gonopodium;
  • a female’s larger size;
  • fishes are easy to sex.

Actually, the last aspect is a consequence of two previous. Gonopodium is an anal rod-like fin that helps male to fertilize a female. It’s an internally fertilization. Females of live-bearing species are bigger than males, and this circumstance also makes sex easier. However, if the speed of process since fertilization till new fishes is not important for you, it’s not a problem to choose live-bearing or egg-laying fishes. Just choose any type of them!

Some famous species are egg-laying and some ones are live-bearing. For example, so popular fishes as guppies and mollies are only live-bearing. If you want to breed fishes for money, you should seriously consider two types and how fish mate.

Fishes of different species could be more or less expensive. If you are still not sure which species to choose, maybe, breeding of live-bearing fishes (betta fish breeding) will be a good solution. Their breeding will be faster, so your profit in general cases could be higher. Well, how to get fish to mate?

Conditions for breedinghow fishes mate

What can you do for making the process of breeding more possible and quicker? Of cause, you should concern about appropriate conditions. Think about a volume of tank. This is a very important parameter: a volume should be large enough. Otherwise fishes will not feel comfortably, so they could not mate or it could take more time. Well, every species needs its own number of volume…

Also, a fish needs to feel naturally in a tank. Therefore, you should use exact plants that surround concrete species in a wild world. It’s not just about plants! There are could be many other details, which some fishes prefer… You should not make experiments and use something unexpected in the design of a tank.

Don’t add some elements, just because you like them. Your feeling of style and one of a fish could be really different. Following the instructions about the environment for concrete species will surely lead you to success! Well, let’s talk about an appropriate feeding for fishes.

You should know the time, when species breed. Try to simulate the food that the fishes eat in a wild life in such period. Accordingly, they will understand that the time for breeding is coming. Also, you should think about a temperature. This parameter should also simulate natural conditions, while the time for breeding came.

Of cause, the water should be cycled every day. Well, now you know how to make fish mate. Remember, it was a general instruction, and you should consider it only in context with the concrete species. Use a reliable sources for getting information about the fish that you want to breed. For example, read about saltwater fishes.

Steps of breeding technology

There are a few phases of a breeding for almost all species. For example, that’s how to mate fighting fish:

Setup the tank and choosing fishes to breed:

  • learn as much as possible;
  • set up permanent tanks;
  • obtain a breeding pair.

Creating the conditions for breeding:

  • let them settle in;
  • set up a breeding tank;
  • start feeding a live food when everything is prepared for breeding;
  • begin raising a fry food;
  • introduce the pair;
  • observe a fishes’ behavior.


  • remove the divider;
  • wait;
  • remove the female;
  • leave the male in the tank till the fry can swim around.

Caring about the fry:

  • wait for the fry to hatch;
  • remove the male from the tank carefully;
  • feed the fry;
  • give the fry time to grow;
  • place the fry in the grow-out tanks.

Nursing the fry to adulthood:

  • wean the fry off live food;
  • separate males;
  • decide the future of a spawn;
  • sexing young fishes.

For every species these steps will include their special features: measures, environment, volume of tank… The right technology is a guarantee of success.

In conclusion, it’s important to say that fish breeding could be not as easy as it seems. Process will take some time, sources and energy. Be ready to learn much information about breeding of concrete species of fishes. Also, it would be good to consult with someone, who has a big experience in that sphere. And of cause, you will need to spend some number of money. Nevertheless, if you know how fishes mate and you are ready to learn more, you will surely succeed! By the way, it is impossible to breed fish without knowledge of how they reproduce.