Discus Fish Breeders

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For a long time discus has been considered to be the most difficult fish for keeping and breeding. Although they are more sensitive to water and tank size they are not that difficult to breed as may seem.

Advantages of Discus Breedingfish discus photo

Why is it a good idea to start keeping and breeding discus?

  • Many people value discus for the perfect and graceful look. Their bright colors and slow moving is an ideal match to live plants. Moreover, they are bigger and easier to watch from the sofa.
  • Cost efficiency. Discus is more expensive than clown loach, cichlid or guppy. Aquarists make money not only at their sale, but at tank cleaning services and sale of food items as well.
  • Discus is a fresh-water fish and much easier to keep in comparison to sea inhabitants. Moreover, people tend to buy fresh-water tanks because of cheap equipment and simplicity of keeping.
  • Discus may be housed with many other fish with the same water conditions.
  • High survival rates of young fish (up to 70 percent). They can be sold when they reach 2 inches in size. It is necessary to make sure they are strong enough for transporting and acclimatization into a new tank.
  • Discus mate for life, i.e. if they spawn once, they continue spawning for years ahead.

What do you need to Know

Discus fish breeders should take into account the following aspects:

  • Housing (aquarium requirements).
  • Breeding (reproduction of fish).
  • Raising young fish for subsequent sale.

Optimizing the stable environment is a very important point. A discus fish breeder shouldn’t forget about soft water and plants which are hiding place and chemical filters for fish. The other key requirements are 40 gallons of water per pair, lower pH (6.5), oxygenation 8.3 mg/l, low levels of nitrite, nitrate and ammonia, taller plants, and higher temperature of water (28-32 degrees Celsius). Tank water is changed at least 50 percent every week.

When breeding discus, aquarists will need a spacious tank, upturned clay pot or plastic cones and permanent warm water for mating behavior. Foods must be rich in protein. Beef heart is combined with worms, vegetable and granules with vitamins. Breeding process requires much patience although aquarium bred discus spawn more often in comparison with wild species. It is recommended to remove the parent fish from the tank and raise fry with commercial food. Fry may become aggressive and remove scales from their mother.